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We provide a resource for missing and Doe cases that present a 360-degree perspective and reliable case facts, while still allowing open-minded, respectful discussion.

The current active cases are Black Watch John Doe and Rustler John Doe.

Latest Posts

Monticello John Doe

On July 5th, 2014 someone was found unconscious by Lake Anawana Road, at 3:29 AM, in Monticello, NY.

It is not mentioned if he was found inside or outside of the pool, or by whom. Only that his clothing were found at the scene of “the pool”. He later died at […]

Case Ravel, Revisited

Case Ravel officially began on December 23, 2015, with two people and a plan. So many cases, conclusions and advancements in technology have gone by. It was time to grow along with it.

With Lyle Stevik’s case coming to an end, many were left going “Well now what?”
We would like to […]

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